August Feature Highlight: Advanced Search in axle ai

This month, we’re highlighting some of our team’s favorite features- some you may know about, and some you may not! These are different aspects of axle ai with one thing in common- they all make it easier for you and your team to work with video, audio and graphics, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

This week, we’re talking about how:

axle ai makes it radically simple… To create your own way to search

axle ai’s powerful advanced search tool gives you total control over how you search your media. Along with searching by standard fields like file name, creation date or approval status, users can search by any custom metadata fields they’ve created. Tailor your search parameters to fit your content and workflow, then save those searches as smart filters for easy access at a later time.

See it in action…

To see more feature videos visit our site! We’ll be adding new features every week.

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Remote Leap bundle makes your video workflows remote

axle ai just launched the Remote Leap bundle, a complete solution of software, hardware and services that enables remote workflows for media teams. It’s a complete solution for remote media access priced at $295/month on a 4-year lease (or $11,995 for purchase). As its name implies, the bundle lets media teams make the leap to remote workflows from traditional “sneakernet” solutions where hard drives are passed around in person between team members. The solution, comprised of axle ai’s industry-leading video search software and state-of-the art Apple 10-core iMac hardware that acts as a server, represents a value breakthrough. Remote access and search are increasingly needed today as COVID-19 restrictions require work from home and make travel and in-person collaboration difficult. Media teams and postproduction facilities can hook up this complete solution to their network and cloud storage, and be up and running with full remote access in a matter of hours. Unlike cloud-only service providers whose costs rise dramatically as more media are stored, axle ai’s Remote Leap pricing is the same regardless of whether the site manages tens or hundreds of terabytes of media files.

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Remote work for Avid Media Composer with axle ai 2020 Pro

With the new axle ai 2020 Pro module, Avid editors now have the powerful new capability of accessing both native Avid media and a wide range of other media remotely, through any standard web browser. This type of collaborative workflow is quickly taking over from traditional in-person editing workplaces since the advent of COVID-19. Axle ai 2020 already provides workflows for Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC application and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

In addition to cataloging and natively representing the Op-Atom media, axle ai 2020 Pro also includes the capability to export AAF sequence files to Media Composer, so collections of subclips from within axle ai can be directly placed on the Avid timeline. In addition, the software creates low-resolution H.264 proxies of MXF Op-Atom media which can then be processed by a range of available AI analysis engines supported in axle ai 2020, including axle’s own axle Speech cloud service and third party AI services such as Microsoft’s Video Indexer (for face recognition, object recognition and onscreen character recognition) and Speechmatics’ transcription engine.

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Big News – Axle ai brings radically affordable transcription to your Dropbox content with new app

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership and integration with Dropbox to bring the intelligent speech transcription capabilities from to your Dropbox content. By leveraging powerful AI capabilities in with Dropbox’s revolutionary smart workspace approach to content, the new app enables new workflows for distributed teams. Remote editors and those currently working from home can now access and transcribe their media from anywhere with Dropbox and is available for free download for MacOS and Windows from – transcription starts at under $2 an hour and you receive a free hour of transcription just by creating an account. uses the same axle ai speech services employed by our groundbreaking panels for Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as our industry-leading axle ai 2020 media management system for small and midsize video teams. The app runs directly on any MacOS or Windows system running current versions of each platform, and connects with the axle ai Speech cloud service to perform the transcription, as well as Dropbox as a source for the transcribed files and destination for the resulting transcripts. Instead of sending the whole video file to be transcribed, creates an audio-only file that’s quickly processed in the background.

The app displays this transcript and displays an editable version via a self-explanatory user interface. The whole process is faster than realtime, with each minute of footage transcribed and results returned to the app in as little as 10 seconds. The app can store the resulting transcripts in Dropbox, and write sidecar XMP metadata files or industry-standard SRT caption files. Languages supported in this release are English (both American and British dialects), Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Korean.

Want to see it in action? We’ll be hosting two webinars in the coming week to give a live demo and Q&A of how you can make your media work for you with and Dropbox. Register for these and other events at

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Great story – how APT used axle ai to adapt to COVID-19

Gerry Field of APT shows off his home setup, using axle ai for remote video search

When the staff of our customers at American Public Television, like many media companies, had to abruptly start working from home due to COVID-19, they were ready. “axle ai, as well as some of the other key network technologies we’ve implemented, were the difference between being disconnected totally from our business due to COVID-19, and being able to operate nearly at regular capacity,” says APT Vice President of Technology Gerry Field. You can read the whole story here.

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axle ai 2020 is here!

We’re excited to announce immediate availability of our flagship axle ai 2020 software for media teams. This release addresses four major needs in the market:

1.         Integrated remote access.  Axle’s software has always been browser-based; however, many of its customers have chosen to use its video search and Premiere integration features on premise.  The 2020 release offers native remote access, to accommodate the huge shift in workforce location as a result of COVID-19.

2.         Affordable monthly subscription pricing model. Depending on configuration, axle ai 2020 is priced from $199 per month up to $999 per month, which can include subscription-based automated transcripts of video using the axle Speech transcription engine. Previously, axle ai licenses entailed the up-front purchase of a software license, a model the company will continue to make available.

3.         Integration with Adobe’s industry-leading Premiere Pro CC application, which now supports both transcript-aware timeline editing and seamless relinking of high-resolution media based on preliminary edits performed with axle ai’s proxy media.

4.         Robust, high-speed file transfer to and from the axle ai 2020 server for the remote workforce, now included with each installation.

More details available from the press release.

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axle ai launches Republic equity crowdfunding campaign

Learn more at

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Republic, one of the leading equity crowdfunding sites, to reach out to the angel investment community. You can learn all about the equity crowdfunding raise here.

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Killer integration with media monitoring app

We’ve just announced a partnership with, the browser-based application that lets you create and monitor a personalized view of multiple media sources. Combined, the two products give you a 360-degree view of all relevant media; from the internet and corporate data feeds via, and from new media in your creative workgroups via axle ai. Pricing starts at US $995 per month for 5 users for the complete solution, or you can purchase the software combo starting at $19,995. It’s ideal for small broadcasters, or media teams in election campaigns, corporate, sports venue, or house of worship settings. We’ll be showing the combined solution at our IBC stand (Hall 7, stand D33) – be sure to stop by for a demo.

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Four. Times. Faster. axle ai 2019 is now shipping!

Four times the performance, and great new features

We’re delighted to announced that axle ai 2019, our newest release packed with powerful features and improvements, is now available. Among key benefits, it’s more than four times faster than axle ai 2018 when scanning catalog volumes for new files; the queues of files being catalogged, transcoded and sent to AI engines are now visible through a robust new status panel, thumbnails of media in the grid and list views are now scrubbable by waving your mouse over the thumbnail, and our panel for Adobe Premiere Pro has been significantly upgraded. Contact us for a demo or to get the latest software.

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“Impact of AI on Media” panel in Santa Monica, August 19th

axle ai is co-sponsoring a panel for the wider LA tech and media community on August 19th on the impact of AI on the media industry. It’s sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Association and Harvardwood. The panelists are:

• Darren Hendler, Director of the Digital Human Group at Digital Domain

• Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle ai, Inc

• Rick Grandy, Senior Solutions Architect at Nvidia, Inc.

We hope you can join us – sign up here. The event will be held at the Expert Dojo, in the Santa Monica Place shopping mall/complex.

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