Automate workflows directly from your axle library

At axle ai we’re known for our AI-powered video search and remote access software, but we have another great tool in our belt. Connectr is a workflow automation application that is totally separate from axle. It requires almost no coding and can integrate with just about any third-party application to automate routine repetitive tasks that chew up time but don’t generate revenue.

Radically simple integration between axle ai and connectr

Connectr workflows can start in a number of ways; they can be triggered manually, scheduled, and also controlled from within the axle ai interface. Administrators can link their axle ai and connectr systems via the Admin Pages and enable permissions to let users run connectr workflows from axle ai. Once enabled, users can start workflows from the Action Menu. By selecting “Send to Connectr” in the dropdown menu, users can trigger any active workflows in the connected project for chosen files or folders.

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