AI-powered metadata tagging in axle ai

For February, we’re highlighting some of our team’s favorite features — some you may know about, and some you may not! These are different aspects of axle ai with one thing in common: they all make it easier for you and your team to work with video, audio and graphics, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

This week, let’s talk about some of the AI tagging tools in axle…

axle ai makes it radically simple… to use AI tools to tag your media

As our name implies, axle ai gives users access to a variety of AI-powered tools to quickly enable you to search your media library for faces, objects, transcript or text on screen. For faces, our AI processor can recognize many famous faces and be trained to recognize the faces of your staff, players, faculty, or anyone you choose. Object recognition, called annotations in axle, can return a large yield of results that can be searched through within individual clips. Transcription and text recognition are both editable, helping you customize metadata and ensure quick and accurate search results.

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