Sharing in axle ai makes for easy collaboration

This month, we’re highlighting some of our team’s favorite features — some you may know about, and some you may not! These are different aspects of axle ai with one thing in common: they all make it easier for you and your team to work with video, audio and graphics, whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

This week, let’s look at how users can share selected media with non-axle users…

axle ai makes it radically simple… to share media

axle ai’s share function helps teams collaborate on media projects with those who may be outside their organization, or who aren’t an axle user. This feature allows a user to select single or multiple clips to share in one of two ways: via an email directly from the axle interface, or with a share link. Both can be set to expire after a chosen period of time. The guest user who receives the shared media can comment or set an approval status, making it a helpful tool when you need a client’s approval or want a coworker to review material, without having them access the entire axle database. When you’d like to share securely outside your network, our reverse proxy tool can enable secure sharing to remote guest users.

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