Remote Leap bundle makes your video workflows remote

axle ai just launched the Remote Leap bundle, a complete solution of software, hardware and services that enables remote workflows for media teams. It’s a complete solution for remote media access priced at $295/month on a 4-year lease (or $11,995 for purchase). As its name implies, the bundle lets media teams make the leap to remote workflows from traditional “sneakernet” solutions where hard drives are passed around in person between team members. The solution, comprised of axle ai’s industry-leading video search software and state-of-the art Apple 10-core iMac hardware that acts as a server, represents a value breakthrough. Remote access and search are increasingly needed today as COVID-19 restrictions require work from home and make travel and in-person collaboration difficult. Media teams and postproduction facilities can hook up this complete solution to their network and cloud storage, and be up and running with full remote access in a matter of hours. Unlike cloud-only service providers whose costs rise dramatically as more media are stored, axle ai’s Remote Leap pricing is the same regardless of whether the site manages tens or hundreds of terabytes of media files.

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