Now this is interesting…

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 9.41.22 AM

IBM and Sony announced new 330 terabyte prototype tape media this week.  You can read the full details at Ars Technica – they’ve achieved densities of 200 gigabytes per inch!  We and our customers can’t wait for these kinds of storage densities; having all that video and image data will undoubtedly need axle ai-style power to find the good bits!  More generally, we find that video archiving, whether to LTO tape, disk or cloud, has one big snag: how do you know which items to retrieve later on?

By cataloging them with axle ai, you automatically create a database of all your media files along with low-res proxies, file metadata, and tagging information (human or machine-generated).  This means that you can quickly find what you need, months later – and avoid the random, slow approach of trial and error downloading from cloud or reads from tape.

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