axle at FCPX Summit in Cupertino


We spent a fantastic 3 days at the FCPX Summit last week/weekend, which included a visit to the Cupertino campus to meet with the FCPX, Compressor and Mac hardware teams.  The sessions at the Summit were super-informative, and the participants (from a good mix of educational and corporate sites) were engaged, knowledgeable and really strong on workgroup and media management topics.  We’ll definitely be back next year.

We also got hands-on time with the new MacBook Pros, touchbars and all. Having a small, full timeline under your fingertips while you can zoom in on the main timeline onscreen (or go to a full-screen player view) is simply awesome.  And last week’s FCPX 1.3 release, which kind of snuck out there with the laptops, has some really impressive advances (including audio ‘lanes’ – kind of smarter tracks) that should go a long way towards bringing FCPX into the mainstream.  Its 4K performance is really compelling, which is becoming a very key issue these days!

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