axle customer Michael Korpi of Baylor wins prestigious SMPTE award!

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-5-23-23-amWe’re delighted to report that SMPTE has just announced their first-ever prize for Excellence in Education, and it goes to Baylor’s Michael Korpi – who happens to be an axle customer.  Michael’s use of axle extends through Baylor’s pre-editing and editing workflows; they have 150+ terabytes of NAS-based network storage and employ axle 2016 to catalog its contents, search for media, and do subclipping and review and approval.  We’re thrilled that one of our university sites (which also include Harvard, MIT, UCLA, Sheridan College and Berklee College of Music) has won this prestigious prize, and look forward to a continued great relationship with colleges and universities in the US and abroad.  Education is one of the fastest-growing markets for axle’s radically simple media management solution, now installed at over 350 sites worldwide.

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