Premiere Panel – new in axle 2016!

axle 2016 panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CCYesterday, we announced our new axle 2016 release, which among its biggest attractions includes a new panel for Adobe Premiere® Pro® CC.  Here’s the feature rundown:

  • New axle Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. A plug-in that saves time and effort and improves creativity by allowing Adobe Premiere Pro users to instantly access and use any media managed by axle 2016 and the core axle search features from within their editing environment.
  • Elastic Search. Use multiple key words in the search window to get a more precise search result, rather than cumbersome multi-tier searches. An enhanced Advanced Search capability with field-by-field criteria supplements the core Elastic Search technology.
  • OSX Status Application. First-ever native OSX application for axle, this gives administrators the ability to directly view and reset status of all axle processes, including Apache webserver, Elastic search engine, Postgres SQL database, mounted high-res and proxy volumes, and more.
  • Improved Process Monitoring. Users and administrators can see the progress of transcodes, ingests, active users and other activity in real time.
  • Improved Administration. axle has made the process of adding users and managing their detailed privileges simpler and more powerful. Axle’s system lets administrators control the fine-grained access to specific folders as well as user capabilities per folder.
  • Large Text Fields. A free-form text search field can now contain over 1,000 characters, allowing notes, memos, and other video or project-related information to be searchable and permanently linked with media.We’re installing axle 2016 at a number of sites over the next 30 days, and will have widespread availability at NAB 2016.  Speaking of which, be sure to visit our booth in the South Lower hall – SL15416.
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