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an Xmas day treat – The Spinners and Rubber Band Man.

One of my daughter’s presents today had a big rubber band in the packaging, which in that Internet way led me to this dyn-o-mite video. Happy holidays, everyone, whatever your denomination (including my personal favorite, 70’s funk).

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Saving data on a NAS is greener than saving it in the cloud…

Tom’s Hardware just cited an article from the Institute of Applied Ecology in Germany, which studied the energy consumption of typical home/small business NAS’s vs. typical hosted cloud storage.  They found that there was over a 100x advantage in power consumption … Continue reading

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Radically simple Porsche 911

Here’s a Germanic-cool car video that summarizes our “radically simple” approach, but in a different context. Turns out its owner is the head designer for Bugatti, who make $1m+, ultracomplex supercars. So there’s room in the world for both approaches! … Continue reading

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Kicking things off.

Welcome to our blog.  We’re probably going about this backwards because folks usually start a blog before their products start shipping – but we’ve been so heads-down getting the first few axle releases out the door that we figured a … Continue reading

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